Thanks for downloading the app here are some frequently asqued questions. If you encounter a bug or have a comment please fill up the contact form and let us know.

1.- Supported devices?

The current version of the app supports iOS 5.1 or later on iPod 4 iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Any previous iOS version or device is not supported!

2.- Where is the iPad version?

The new update of The Monster Match is compatible with iPad 2/3 go get it now!

3.- Why does it ask for Facebook permisions?

The app needs Facebook permissions in order to publish your monstrous creations to your timeline, it won't grab any personal data and will publish a picture only when you hit the share on Facebook button. Read our Privacy Policy for more info.

4.- I have a comment or found out a bug.

Please let us know by filling the form below and we will fix it ASAP

5.- I have a blog or write for a magazine, can I write about The Monster Match?

Of course you can, download the PressKit and share the love.

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